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BION Seat Cushion Gel 011

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Bion Seat Cushion (Gel) is a wheelchair seat cushion made of gel. Wheelchair cushions are good for spinal support, especially for users who sits in wheelchairs for a prolonged period of time. Gel cushions are generally more durable and cooling compared to other conventional wheelchair cushions



    Contoured Seat Cushion

    Contoured design provides support and comfort to the user while sitting.

    Elastic Seat Cover

    Stretchy material fit snugly over the cushion, providing a smooth and comfortable surface for the user to sit on.

    Seat Strap

    The seat strap or harnesses is an added safety to the seat cushion. 

    Removable Seat Cover

    Removable seat cover protects the seat from wear and tear and other damages.

    Waterproof Seat Cover

    Made of materials that are water-resistant, water is prevented from seeping into the cushion.

    The Details

    General Specs

    Length: 17"
    Width : 17"
    Height : 2.5"


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