Bion Quad Cane Broad Base

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Bion Quad Cane is a walking stick with wide base. Good for people who requires more stability.

Warranty Information
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects

Does not cover

  • Wear and tear
  • Misuse and mishandling
Warranty Details
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Sturdy & Reliable

Comfortable PVC

The PVC handle helps to provide a comfortable grip for the quad cane.

Wrist Strap

The wrist strap helps to secure the walking stick and prevent it from falling without having to grip it tightly with your hand, an especially useful feature for people with weak or arthritic hands.

Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers

With a broad base design, this cane ensures stability and safety for users, even on uneven surfaces.

Height Adjustable Shaft

Find the perfect fit and height for your needs with the height adjustable shaft, providing customizable comfort and support.

Broad Base

Stay safe and secure with the anti-slip rubber stopper, designed to provide added traction and stability.

The Details

General Specs

Net Weight: 0.98kg


Min. Height: 72cm
Max. Height: 96cm


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